About Us

The Casa de Oro Alliance is a coalition of residents, business owners, landlords, faith based groups, law enforcement, school officials and community leaders whose mission is to revitalize Casa de Oro. Many of our members have lived in Casa de Oro for decades and have watched the gradual deterioration of our neighborhood. In 2015 we came together to reshape the character of our community.

Our History

The Casa de Oro Alliance was originally convened by the Institute for Public Strategies (IPS) after the East County Youth Coalition assessed the liquor stores along Campo Road and found that all of them were out of compliance with standard state regulations. When the youth coalition presented its results to residents and business owners in Casa de Oro, the community quickly mobilized forming the Casa de Oro Alliance. We had serious concerns over the excessive number of high–risk businesses in Casa de Oro including liquor stores, smoke shops, illegal marijuana businesses, massage parlors, hookah lounges, and tattoo parlors. We have evolved over time and today our focus is on advancing a comprehensive revitalization plan for Casa de Oro.

Our Vision

We envision a historically-rich, culturally-diverse, thriving community that is attractive, safe, pedestrian-friendly, and is a popular destination for dining, entertainment and shopping.