Chinese Healthcare in Casa de Oro

Weng’s Acupuncture and Herbs Clinic in Casa De Oro is another example of a business owned and operated by people who live and work in the Casa de Oro area. In 1994, Dr. Weng and two of her daughters built the Wellness Center at 9972 Campo Road. They still practice together there to this day.

Dr. Weng, who is originally from Taiwan, settled in Rancho San Diego and raised her three daughters there. After graduating from Valhalla High School, Dr. Audrey,  became a chiropractor and acupuncturist, and Dr Vivian, now an acupuncturist, came to work with their mother. Glowing recommendations about these three great practitioners can be easily found online.

Because they healthcare is considered essential, the Wellness Center did not close down at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, a few changes to be in compliance with the new California regulations were made. For example,  HEPA filters were installed and extra disinfecting protocols were implemented. The number of people allowed in the building at one time was also reduced. The changes allow the practice to continue to meet local healthcare needs

It is important we take care of ourselves during this difficult time. Many people find acupuncture and chiropractic therapy helps to relieve stress and the often associated pain.

“We feel privileged to serve our community during this time and feel extremely grateful for the support that we have received in return. Thank you for supporting our small business. Our intention is to continue to provide you with quality healthcare for decades to come. We are wishing that you and your family stay healthy and remain positive during this challenging time,” said Dr. Weng.

They also reminded us to check on the older members in our families and community. Due to social isolation there is an upsurge in anxiety.
Thank you doctors, for these good reminders. Let us remember to take care of ourselves and each other. Weng’s Acupuncture and Herbs Clinic offers another way to stay healthy while supporting one of our local businesses.

New 7-Eleven Refreshes Casa de Oro

Firas Hana and his family would like to welcome you to the new 7-Eleven on
the corner of Campo Rd. and Conrad Dr. in Casa De Oro.

This is not just any 7-Eleven. It has all the latest franchise equipment only found in a few other stores.  For example the coffee station is plumbed for espresso coffee and the beans are ground freshly for each cup. The ability to offer fresh baked cookies made on site every day is only shared with one other store  – their 7-Eleven in Chula Vista.

Casa de Oro is lucky the convenience of a cookie fix is now available whenever the urge hits. A lemonade slurpee, may hit the spot perfectly when the heat on and need something refreshing!

Firas and his family live in the area, very close to the store, and particularly
wanted to have a 7-Eleven in our neighborhood. Living in the area, Firas is a great believer in the potential for positive growth in Casa De Oro. He likes the good mix of business people and neighbors all stopping in at the store.

The whole family is involved in welcoming their customers, making
everyone feel safe and at home, and keeping the store spotlessly clean.
They want you to know they are in the neighborhood for the long haul.

The Casa De Oro Alliance would like to invite everyone to welcome them to the neighborhood!

Casa de Oro Specific Plan Project Moving Forward

County Needs More Community Feedback

County planners and consults are continuing to develop a Specific Plan for Casa de Oro  but now need input from area businesses, landowners, and community members.

A county webpage dedicated to the CDO Specific Plan project was established to allow community review of the project deliverables at CDO Revitalization Project Plan. The site includes a conceptual plan developed by the Casa de Oro Alliance to identify issues and outlined a vision for community revitalization.

The project is divided into two phases so far. The first phase, included a professional study to further identify land use issues and challenges facing Casa de Oro. This study was largely used y the County to justify and request the SANDAG grant of $500,000 now funding the larger project itself. 

The second phase included detailed analysis of the current Casa de Oro corridor building stock, infrastructure, lot sizes, and other land use components. Phase One also includes a financial analysis of potential development costs, an analysis of existing traffic and parking, as well as community feedback collected at the Casa de Oro Fall Festival  last year and during a community workshop earlier this year.

Members of the Casa de Oro Alliance are concerned the visibility of the project is limited within the community. In addition, business owners and land owners need to become more aware of the project and its possible implications for Casa de Oro. As a result, county staff assured the CDO Alliance to soon return with a more detailed plan for Phase Three of the project, to include additional community input. 

The Casa de Oro Alliance, government affairs committee will be organizing and facilitating more meetings with area community groups to make them more aware of the project and solicit more community feedback as the plan is developed and completed.

Watch for invitations to virtual events in the coming future to provide your opinions on how Casa de Oro is developed into the decades ahead. If you would like to become more involved in the development of a specific plan for Casa de Oro, please join our government affairs committee by contacting the Casa de Oro Alliance at

Casa de Oro Alliance Stages Virtual Community Meeting

Welcome to July in Casa de Oro

Happy Belated 4th of July!

As we mark our democratic founding and independence as a country, the Casa de Oro Alliance invites you to celebrate and appreciate the rich independence we enjoy each and every day. Read below for a special invitation.

The Casa de Oro Alliance (CDOA) appreciates our independence to pursue our goals and vision to revitalize our community – we are working diligently to restore the health and safety of Casa de Oro. 

Did you notice?

  • Sanitation is improving! With support from EDCO, Casa de Oro now has multiple large trash containers available to pedestrians.

  • The weeds are gone! Our beautification committee dawned their masks, pulled the weeds and picked up litter along Campo Road.

  • An illegal dispensary was shut down! Because of fast action by the Department of Public Works (and specifically Joe Valencia) in cooperation with the Rancho San Diego Sheriff’s Department, the infamous ‘tennis court dispensary’ was surrounded and closed.

  • We have new transportation stations! Thanks to MTS for replacing the old, unsafe, and unsightly bus benches, and replacing them with 12 brand new fixtures along Campo Road. Plus, within the next 45 days, several covered benches will be added in high-ridership areas.

You can be part of the ongoing success of our great community. On Thursday, July 16th at 6pm, the Casa de Oro Alliance is proud to present our July General Assembly as a live webinar. Guest speakers, Joe Valencia and Lt. Joel Strange, will answer questions related to crime and illegal dispensaries in our neighborhood. The Casa de Oro Alliance appreciates their hard work and dedication to the Casa de Oro community as well as their close collaboration and support of CDOA. 

Also look for an update on the Casa de Oro Specific Plan being developed by San Diego County with grant funding from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and how you can get involved to shape our future.. 

You are invited! Be safe, attend virtually! To view the live stream – Go to our Facebook page at . While you are there, be sure to Like and Follow our page, so that you can get the latest news from in and around Casa de Oro.