Government Affairs Committee


Our Purpose

We are committed to exploring, monitoring and reporting on government regulations, ordinances, and codes that could be introduced or modified to support revitalization efforts in Casa de Oro. 

What We Do:

We research and advocate for land use and compliance policies that apply to high-risk businesses currently in operation in the Casa de Oro area and high-risk businesses wanting to do business in the Casa de Oro area;

We advocate for community grants, and/or county funding and county staff support to promote revitalization efforts and compliance of high-risk businesses; and

 We look at strategies for reducing the alcohol and drug-related harm and behavior concerns in the community related to the presence of high-risk businesses.

Join Us!

Do you have a background in government, policy development, planning and land use, writing white papers or issue briefs, grant writing, community organizing, and/or advocacy? 

Do you have a desire to learn how other communities have responded to issues similar to those affecting Casa de Oro?

If so, we would love to have you contribute your time and skills to the government affairs committee!

When and Where We Meet

We typically meet on the first Thursdays of the month in Room 104 at Monte Vista High School. To receive government affairs committee meeting notices, please send your request to